Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

“This sauce could cure a lot of what’s wrong in the world…” or so said a guest after taking his first bite one morning!

We make this wonderful (and easy!) sauce as a topping for our guest-favorite Cinnamon Oatmeal Cake, but it would also be delicious over vanilla ice cream, pound cake, oatmeal, pancakes – you name it!

Tip: You decide how smooth or chunky you’d like your sauce to be. Use a potato masher to keep some fruity chunks or go completely smooth and puree it with an immersion blender!


4 cups chopped fresh or frozen rhubarb

2 cups fresh or frozen strawberries

½ cup sugar

½ cup water


Put all ingredients in a large sauce pan and cook over medium-low heat for about 30 minutes until the fruit breaks down. Mash fruit with a potato masher as it softens. Stir often and watch the pot – if covered this will boil over! If desired, puree with an immersion blender.